2011 ICSI主要为成年人抑郁症初级护理指南(第十四版)

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2011 ICSI主要为成年人抑郁症初级护理指南(第十四版)


Major Depression in Adults in Primary Care






To assist primary care in developing systems that support effective assessment, diagnosis and ongoing management of new or existing diagnosis of major depression in adults age 18 and over and assist patients to achieve remission of symptoms, reduce relapse and return to previous level of functioning.This guideline is an evidence-based document based on best care; it has also evolved to include information on best-practice systems for implementation. A system that has embedded the elements of best practice and has capacity to effectively manage the volume should consider routine screening of all patients, based on the recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Depending on resources and systems, a group or clinic might also consider an interim plan of screening high-risk patients such as those with diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, coronary artery disease and post-stroke, as well as those with a history of previous depression and all perinatal patients.

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