BAG3 Proteomic Signature under Proteostasis Stress

Hiebel, C; Sturner, E; Hoffmeister, M; Tascher, G; Schwarz, M; Nagel, H; Behrends, C; Munch, C; Behl, C

Behl, C (corresponding author), Johannes Gutenberg Univ Mainz, Univ Med Ctr, Autophagy Lab, Inst Pathobiochem, Duesbergweg 6, D-55128 Mainz, Germany.

CELLS, 2020; 9 (11):


The multifunctional HSP70 co-chaperone BAG3 (BCL-2-associated athanogene 3) represents a key player in the quality control of the cellular proteostasi......

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