Biomarkers of Osimertinib Response in Patients with Refractory, EGFR-T790M-positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Central Nervous System Metastases: The APOLLO Study

Xing, LG; Pan, YY; Shi, YK; Shu, YQ; Feng, JF; Li, W; Cao, LJ; Wang, LF; Gu, W; Song, Y; Xing, PY; Liu, YT; Gao, W; Cui, JW; Hu, NN; Li, RT; Bao, H; Shao, Y; Yu, JM

Yu, JM (corresponding author), Shandong Canc Hosp & Inst, Jiyan Rd 440, Jinan 250117, Shandong, Peoples R China.

CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH, 2020; 26 (23): 6168


Purpose: Dynamic biomarker monitoring may inform pathways for treating EGFR-T790M-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and central nervous syst......

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