Perceptions of Perioperative Stroke Among Chinese Anesthesiologists: Starting a Long March to Eliminate This Underappreciated Complication

Meng, LZ; Li, JJ; Flexman, AM; Tong, CY; Zhou, XY; Gelb, AW; Wang, TL; McDonagh, DL

Meng, LZ (reprint author), Yale Univ, Sch Med, Dept Anesthesiol, 333 Cedar St,TMP 3,POB 208051, New Haven, CT 06520 USA.; McDonagh, DL (reprint author), Univ Texas Southwestern Med Ctr Dallas, Dept Anesthesiol & Pain Management, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Dal

ANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA, 2019; 128 (1): 191