LncRNA AFAP1-AS1 modulates the sensitivity of paclitaxel-resistant prostate cancer cells to paclitaxel via miR-195-5p/FKBP1A axis

Leng, WP; Liu, QZ; Zhang, SD; Sun, DK; Guo, YS

Guo, YS (corresponding author), Weifang Peoples Hosp, Dept Urol, Weifang 261000, Shandong, Peoples R China.

CANCER BIOLOGY & THERAPY, 2020; 21 (11): 1072


LncRNA AFAP1-AS1 has been corroborated to function in diverse cancers. Our aim was to investigate the molecular mechanism of AFAP1-AS1 in PTX resistance in PCa. The levels of AFAP1-AS1, miR-195-5p, and FKBP1A were checked by qRT-PCR. 3-(4, 5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2, 5-Diphenyltetrazolium Bromide (MTT) assay was employed to assess the resistance of PTX-resistant PCa cells to PTX. Flow cytometry was introduced to evaluate cell apoptosis. The protein levels of C-caspase 3 were determined by western blot. The starBase was used to predict the interaction between miR-195-5p and AFAP1-AS1. Xenograft tumor model was established to investigate the biological role of AFAP1-AS1 in PTX resistance in vivo. The levels of AFAP1-AS1 and FKBP1A were upregulated in PCa tissues and cells, as well as PTX-resistant PCa cells, while the expression of miR-195-5p was declined. Knockdown of AFAP1-AS1 promoted the sensitivity of PTX-resistant PCa cells to PTX, induced apoptosis of PTX-resistant PCa cells, whereas the impacts could be reversed by reducing the expression of miR-195-5p. FKBP1A overexpression could rescue the effects of miR-195-5p-mediated enhancement on the sensitivity of PTX-resistant PCa cells to PTX, promotion on apoptosis of PTX-resistant PCa cells. AFAP1-AS1 interacted with miR-195-5p and miR-195-5p could bind to the 3MODIFIER LETTER PRIMEUTR of FKBP1A. AFAP1-AS1 silencing inhibited the tumor growth in mice implanted with PC3-TXR cell. The protein level of PCNA was decreased in PC3-TXR cells transfected with sh-AFAP1-AS1, while the expression of C-caspase 3 was upregulated. AFAP1-AS1 silencing attenuated the resistance of PTX-resistant PCa cells to PTX by downregulating FKBP1A via sponging miR-195-5p.

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