Myosin X Interaction with KIF13B, a Crucial Pathway for Netrin-1-Induced Axonal Development

Yu, HL; Peng, Y; Zhao, Y; Lan, YS; Wang, B; Zhao, L; Sun, D; Pan, JX; Dong, ZQ; Mei, L; Ding, YQ; Zhu, XJ; Xiong, WC

Xiong, WC (corresponding author), Case Western Reserve Univ, Sch Med, Dept Neurosci, Cleveland, OH 44106 USA.; Xiong, WC (corresponding author), Augusta Univ, Dept Neurosci & Regenerat Med, Med Coll Georgia, Augusta, GA 30912 USA.; Zhu, XJ (corresponding author), Northeast Normal Univ, Inst Cytol & Genet, Changchun 130024, Peoples R China.

JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 2020; 40 (48): 9169


Myosin X (Myo X) transports cargos to the tips of filopodia for cell adhesion, migration, and neuronal axon guidance. Deleted in Colorectal Cancer (DC......

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