Road to Perioperative Medicine: A Perspective From China

Wang, TL; Deng, XM; Huang, YG; Fleisher, LA; Xiong, LZ

Xiong, LZ (reprint author), Fourth Mil Med Univ, Dept Anesthesiol & Perioperat Med, Xijing Hosp, Xian 710032, Shaanxi, Peoples R China.

ANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA, 2019; 129 (3): 905


With the development of anesthesiology, patient safety has been remarkably improved, but the postoperative mortality rate at 30 days is still as high as 0.56%-4%, and the morbidity is even higher. Three years ago, the Chinese Society of Anesthesiology proposed that the direction of the anesthesiology development should be changed to perioperative medicine in China. Anesthesiologists should pay more attention to the long-term outcome. In this article, we introduced what we have done, what the challenges are, and what we should do in the future with regard to the practice of perioperative medicine in China.

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