Therapy Escalation Following an Elevated HbA(1c)in Adults Aged 45 Years and Older Living With Diabetes in Australia: A Real-World Observational Analysis

Xie, Y; Baker, J; Young, T; Jun, M; Sukkar, L; Campain, A; Kang, A; Cass, A; Hu, J; Peiris, D; Pollock, C; Wong, G; Zoungas, S; Rogers, K; Jardine, M; Hockham, C

Hockham, C (corresponding author), George Inst Global Hlth, Sydney, NSW, Australia.; Hockham, C (corresponding author), Univ New South Wales, Fac Med, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

DIABETES CARE, 2020; 43 (11): E185