Cone-beam breast CT features associated with HER2/neu overexpression in patients with primary breast cancer

Zhu, YQ; Zhang, YW; Ma, Y; Li, HJ; Liu, AD; Han, P; Yin, L; Lv, N; Li, ZJ; Lu, H; Liu, PF; Ye, ZX

Ye, ZX (corresponding author), Tianjin Med Univ, Key Lab Breast Canc Prevent & Therapy, Canc Inst & Hosp,Natl Clin Res Ctr Canc,Tianjins, Minist Educ,Dept Radiol,Key Lab Canc Prevent & Th, Huan Hu Xi Rd, Tianjin 300060, Peoples R China.

EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY, 2020; 30 (5): 2731