Intraventricular neuroepithelial tumors: surgical outcome, technical considerations and review of literature

Aftahy, AK; Barz, M; Krauss, P; Liesche, F; Wiestler, B; Combs, SE; Straube, C; Meyer, B; Gempt, J

Aftahy, AK (corresponding author), Tech Univ Munich, Klinikum Rechts Isar, Sch Med, Dept Neurosurg,Med Fac, Ismaninger Str 22, D-81675 Munich, Germany.

BMC CANCER, 2020; 20 (1):


BackgroundIntraventricular neuroepithelial tumors (IVT) are rare lesions and comprise different pathological entities such as ependymomas, subependymo......

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