Prognosis for patients with cognitive motor dissociation identified by brain-computer interface

Pan, JH; Xie, QY; Qin, PM; Chen, Y; He, YB; Huang, HY; Wang, F; Ni, XX; Cichocki, ARZ; Yu, RH; Li, YQ

Li, YQ (corresponding author), South China Univ Technol, Ctr Brain Comp Interfaces & Brain Informat Proc, Guangzhou 510640, Peoples R China.; Yu, RH (corresponding author), Guangzhou Gen Hosp Guangzhou Mil Command, Ctr Hyperbar Oxygen & Neurorehabil, Guangzhou, Peoples R China.

BRAIN, 2020; 143 (): 1177


Cognitive motor dissociation describes a subset of patients with disorders of consciousness who show neuroimaging evidence of consciousness but no det......

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