Molecular evidence for the absence of an association between Simkania negevensis and respiratory diseases

Al-Younes, HM; Al-Zereini, W; Obeidat, NM

Al-Younes, HM (reprint author), Univ Jordan, Dept Biol Sci, Fac Sci, Amman 11942, Jordan.



Simkania negevensis has been implicated in respiratory diseases. This study aimed to unveil the aetiological role of this bacterium in community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) and bronchitis in Jordanian adults. Nasopharyngeal samples were collected from 98 CAP or bronchitis patients and 96 control individuals, and tested for Simkania nucleic acids using a PCR assay. The overall prevalence of the bacterial DNA in patients was markedly high and reached 57.1 %. Intriguingly, Simkania DNA was detected in 62.5% of the nasopharyngeal swabs collected from apparently healthy controls (P>0.05). The DNA positivity in the bronchitis and CAP subgroups was 57.7 and 56.9 %, respectively, percentages that are approximately comparable to the DNA positivity assessed for the entire patient population. Simkania is most likely not a causative agent of CAP or bronchitis, despite its remarkable high prevalence. This organism, in the nasopharynx, is potentially harmless to the host and may coexist in a commensal relationship.

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