Preparation and Durability of Modified Epoxy Resin-based Nano-alumina Superhydrophobic Coating

Lv, JJ; Wu, BR; Xing, SL; Liu, J; Yang, JS; Jiang, DZ; Peng, CY

Xing, SL (reprint author), Natl Univ Def Technol, Coll Aerosp Sci & Engn, Changsha 410073, Peoples R China.



With a wide potential application in many different fields, superhydrophobic surfaces have attracted much attention, while their surface structure can be easily damaged by environmental and mechanical effects and thereby causes superhydrophobic performance failure. To solve these practical problems, a robust superhydrophobic coating was fabricated with modified epoxy resin and oleophilic alumina NPs. Prepared by layered preparation method and air spraing method, the coating had a contact angle of 157.57 degrees and a sliding angle of 2 degrees. In terms of mechanical durability, the coating retained superhydrophobic properties after 30 times of sandpaper rubbing or 45 times tape peeling, exhibiting a better mechanical wear resistance than that of the commercial coatings ("Never-wet"). In terms of chemical durability, the coating still has good superhydrophobic property after being immersed in an acid or base solution for 100 min. It is concluded that superhydrophobic surfaces prepared by the materials system own good mechanical robustness.

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