Real-World Data on Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Liver Cancer: A Prospective Validation of the National Cancer Centre Singapore Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Chew, XH; Sultana, R; Mathew, EN; Ng, DCE; Lo, RHG; Toh, HC; Tai, D; Choo, SP; Goh, BKP; Yan, SX; Loke, KSH; Thang, SP; Gogna, A; Venkatanarasimha, NK; Tong, AKT; Moe, FNN; Chua, JSS; Ang, RWT; Ong, AD; Ng, AWY; Hoang, MTQ; Too, CW; Thng, CH; Chan, WY; Kee, W; Chan, JHM; Irani, F; Leong, S; Lim, KH; Wang, MLC; Chow, PKH

Chow, PKH (corresponding author), Singapore Gen Hosp, Dept Hepatopancreatobiliary & Transplantat Surg, Singapore, Singapore.; Chow, PKH (corresponding author), Natl Canc Ctr Singapore, Singapore, Singapore.; Chow, PKH (corresponding author), Duke NUS Med Sch, Off Educ, Singapore, Singapore.

LIVER CANCER, 2021; 10 (3): 224