Endoscopic Mediastinal Lymph Node Identification and Resection Using Carbon Nanoparticles in a Porcine Model

Liu, BR; Ahmed, MR; He, DZ; Zhao, LX; Yang, WY; Zhang, XH; Shi, Y; Zhou, YY; Zhang, DY; Chen, Y; Cao, ZZ; He, DH; Yuan, YL; Li, DL

Liu, BR (reprint author), Zhengzhou Univ, Affiliated Hosp 1, Dept Gastroenterol, 1 Eastern Jianshe Rd, Zhengzhou 450052, Henan, Peoples R China.

GASTROENTEROLOGY, 2019; 156 (5): 1250


This article has an accompanying continuing medical education activity, also eligible for MOC credit, on page e14. Learning Objective: Upon completion of this CME activity, successful learners will be able to (1) recognize a novel technique for the development of endoscopic treatment, (2) determine easy to detect lymph nodes accurately based on the presence of carbon nanoparticles, and (3) identify how to use a transesophageal endoscopic method for mediastinal lymph node resection.

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