Modeling of selective laser sintering/selective laser melting

West, C; Wang, X

Wang, X (reprint author), Calif Polytech State Univ San Luis Obispo, Ind & Mfg Engn Dept, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 USA.

LASER 3D MANUFACTURING IV, 2017; 10095 ( ):


Selective laser sintering and selective laser melting are powder based additive manufacturing (AM) process that can rapidly manufacture parts with comparable mechanical properties to conventional manufacturing methods directly from digital files. However, the processing recipe development and design optimization of AM parts are often based on trial and error which erodes the benefit of AM. Modeling is a powerful tool to enable faster development cycle by significantly reducing the experimental efforts. In this paper we discussed the current status of selective laser sintering/melting modeling, in which the laser and powder interaction was studied to understand and predict the process and the properties of fabricated parts. A review of the current approach as well as future directions are presented.

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