2013-01-10 NEJM 好医 Steven译

        如果眼睛里长出了睫毛,一定会很让人烦恼。《新英格兰医学期刊》近期报道了一则消息说伊朗一名19岁的男孩,在眼睛里长了一个“毛肿瘤”。   这个肿瘤长在男孩的角膜缘,呈皮样囊肿,非常罕见。参与男孩治疗工作的来自纽约勒诺克斯山医院的眼科医师Mark Former博士称,他在从医生涯中只遇到过一两次这样的病例,他说:“这些肿瘤含有一些常见于身体其他部位的组




  这个肿瘤长在男孩的角膜缘,呈皮样囊肿,非常罕见。参与男孩治疗工作的来自纽约勒诺克斯山医院的眼科医师Mark Former博士称,他在从医生涯中只遇到过一两次这样的病例,他说:“这些肿瘤含有一些常见于身体其他部位的组织。通常情况下,角膜缘皮样囊肿都含有一些毛囊,但同时也可能包含其它类型的组织,如软骨、汗腺等。”



A 19-year-old man presented to our ophthalmology clinic with a mass in his right eye that had been present since birth but had gradually increased in size. He did not have pain, but the mass caused vision defects, mild discomfort on blinking, and the intermittent sensation of the presence of a foreign body. Physical examination revealed a white, ovoid mass, 5 mm by 6 mm, that straddled the inferotemporal limbus (Panel A), with several black hairs (Panel B). Visual acuity was 20/20 in the left eye and 20/60 in the right eye. Intraocular pressure was normal. The differential diagnoses included limbal dermoid, foreign-body granuloma, atypical pterygium, and corneal scar. The appearance of the mass, with hairs present, was indicative of limbal dermoid. The lesion was excised, and lamellar keratoplasty was performed for cosmetic reasons. Pathological findings confirmed the diagnosis of limbal dermoid. As expected, there was little improvement in visual acuity after surgery because of the amblyopia and induced astigmatism.