miR-449a induces EndMT, promotes the development of atherosclerosis by targeting the interaction between AdipoR2 and E-cadherin in Lipid Rafts

Jiang, L; Hao, CJ; Li, ZF; Zhang, P; Wang, SZ; Yang, SM; Wei, FL; Zhang, JQ

Wei, FL (reprint author), PLA Gen Staff Gen Hosp 309 Hosp, Dept Cardiac Surg, Beijing 100091, Peoples R China.; Zhang, JQ (reprint author), Guangdong Second Prov Gen Hosp, Dept Lab Med, Guangzhou 510317, Guangdong, Peoples R China.; Zhang, JQ (reprint aut



EndMT plays an important role in the relationship between endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis. This work will elucidate the biofunction induced by miR-449a and lipid rafts in EndMT and development of atherosclerosis. The differential miRNA expression between atherosclerotic plaques and normal arteries were analyzed. The luciferase activities of AdipoR2 3' UTR treated with miR-449a were determined. ECs were dealt with miR-449a mimics or inhibitors, then cell proliferation and migration were assessed. Moreover, the expression of AdipoR2 and mesenchymal cell markers were analyzed. The influences of lipid rafts related to reciprocity between E-cadherin and AdipoR2 on TNF-a-induced damage in ECs were investigated. ApoE KO diabetic mice were used to explore the potential roles of miR-449a on atherosclerosis. Our results indicated that compared with normal arteries, 17 miRNAs were upregulated and 3 miRNAs were down-regulated in atherosclerotic plaques. The relative expression of miR-449a in plaques was significantly higher than that in normal arteries. MiR-449a suppressed AdipoR2 expression, additionally its interaction protein E-cadherin in ECs. MiR-449a enhanced expression of mesenchymal cell markers, induced cell proliferation and migration of ECs, regulated the interaction between E-cadherin and AdipoR2 interceded by lipid rafts. The miR-449a antagomir could protect against the development process of atherosclerosis in ApoE KO diabetic mice. In conclusion, miR-449a targeted to AdipoR2, and was a crucial mediator of EndMT and atherosclerosis in ECs through regulating E-cadherin bindability with AdipoR2 in lipid rafts. These results suggested that aim to lipid rafts and miR-449a in chronic EC inflammation response, was a feasible therapy strategy for atherosclerosis.

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