Extracellular ATP promotes breast cancer invasion and chemoresistance via SOX9 signaling

Yang, H; Geng, YH; Wang, P; Yang, H; Zhou, YT; Zhang, HQ; He, HY; Fang, WG; Tian, XX

Fang, WG; Tian, XX (corresponding author), Peking Univ, Dept Pathol, Key Lab Carcinogenesis & Translat Res, Minist Educ,Sch Basic Med Sci,Hosp 3,Hlth Sci Ctr, Beijing 100191, Peoples R China.

ONCOGENE, 2020; 39 (35): 5795


Our previous research demonstrated that extracellular adenosine 5 '-triphosphate (ATP) could promote breast cancer cell invasion. However, the impact ......

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