Circular RNA circIKBKB promotes breast cancer bone metastasis through sustaining NF-kappa B/bone remodeling factors signaling

Xu, YR; Zhang, SX; Liao, XY; Li, M; Chen, SW; Li, XC; Wu, XG; Yang, MZ; Tang, ML; Hu, YM; Li, ZW; Yu, RY; Huang, MD; Song, LB; Li, J

Li, J (corresponding author), Guangzhou Med Univ, Program Canc Res, Key Lab Prot Modificat & Degradat, Guangzhou 510623, Peoples R China.; Li, J (corresponding author), Guangzhou Med Univ, Guangzhou Inst Oncol, Affiliated Guangzhou Women & Childrens Hosp, Sch Basic Med Sci, Guangzhou 510623, Peoples R China.

MOLECULAR CANCER, 2021; 20 (1):


Background: Breast cancer (BC) has a marked tendency to spread to the bone, resulting in significant skeletal complications and mortality. Recently, c......

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