Association of NOTCH2NLC Repeat Expansions With Parkinson Disease

Ma, DR; Tan, YJ; Ng, ASL; Ong, HL; Sim, W; Lim, WT; Teo, JX; Ng, EYL; Lim, EC; Lim, EW; Chan, LL; Tan, LCS; Yi, Z; Tan, EK

Tan, EK (corresponding author), Singapore Gen Hosp, Natl Neurosci Inst, Dept Neurol, 20 Coll Rd, Singapore 169856, Singapore.

JAMA NEUROLOGY, 2020; 77 (12): 1559


IMPORTANCE The presence of Notch homolog 2 N-terminal-like C (NOTCH2NLC) repeat expansions are associated with neuronal intranuclear inclusion body di......

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