Multitranscriptome analyses of keloid fibroblasts reveal the role of the HIF-1 alpha/HOXC6/ERK axis in keloid development

Wang, Q; Zhong, YX; Li, ZJ; Zhu, DH; Lu, HY; Chen, PJ; Li, CX; Peng, XB; Li, Q; Zeng, K

Peng, XB; Li, Q; Zeng, K (通讯作者),Southern Med Univ, Nanfang Hosp, Dept Dermatol, Guangzhou 510515, Peoples R China.

BURNS & TRAUMA, 2022; 10 ():


Background: A keloid is a disease of excessive fibrosis that is characterized by the aberrant proliferation of fibroblasts. However, the molecular mec......

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